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Dr. Maynard Brusman Cited for Excellence

The Society for Advancement of Consulting (SAC) awarded two rare “Board Approved” designations for Dr. Maynard Brusman in the specialties of Executive/Leadership Coaching and Trusted Advisor to Law Firms and Attorneys. This signifies that Dr. Maynard Brusman has provided validated evidence from clients of exceptional performance in these areas of consulting, and that he has adhered to the ethics pledge of the organization, and has performed at this level for a prolonged period.

Board Approvals are rare and are held by less than five percent of the membership of SAC, and that membership is less than five percent of all practicing consultants. They are granted only after detailed client evidence is received and reviewed. “We already have as our membership the most elite consultants practicing in the world,” says SAC CEO Alan Weiss, Ph.D. “To achieve this still higher level of performance in addition to our entry requirements is quite impressive. Clients who utilize SAC members who are Board Approved in their specialty are working with the best of the best in the world.”

SAC is an international association of solo practitioners who must provide validated proof of their high performance in consulting; successfully completed client engagements; testimonials from client executives; achieve a high level of professional income over a prolonged period; have worked with a minimum of 25 clients; and who adhere to a strict code of professional ethics. The members interact as an international community to better the profession and their own techniques.

Board Approvals in specialties require at least a year as a full professional member of SAC. Fewer than two per month are currently granted.

Here are a few case studies of actual results achieved by our clients.  Please click on the links below to read more.

A Hospitality Industry Hiring Manager Assesses and Selects Emotionally Intelligent People
THE SITUATION:The Vice President of Human Resources wanted to select the best people who were a great...

A High Powered Attorney Achieves Success while Balancing Work and Personal Life
THE SITUATION:Most attorneys lead extremely busy lives. Finding a balance between professional success...

A CEO Develops the Qualities of Good Leadership
THE SITUATION:The CEO of a recognized brand in the Retail Industry was referred by the Human Resources...

Derailing Vice President of Marketing & Sales Succeeds
THE SITUATION: The VP of marketing and sales fro a financial institution was referred by the company...

Accountancy Firm Star Performer on Track for President
THE SITUATION: A Partner in a mid-sized accountancy firm was being groomed as the successor to the...

A Law Firm Retreat Creates a Vision, Mission, and Values Statement
THE SITUATION: Senior partners create a vision, mission, and value statement.

A Career Coaching Client Creates Work with Purpose and Passion
THE SITUATION: The client was referred by his supervisor at work. Several employees had quit and gone...

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

Organizations today are faced with skyrocketing healthcare costs, fierce global competition, and economic uncertainty. Cutting-edge organizations in an increasingly flat world are looking for a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Truly innovative organizational leaders now recognize that the key to success lies in their own workforce and that employee health and well-being and organizational performance are inextricably linked. Visionary leaders are creating cultures that engage the hearts, minds, emotions, and spirit of their people to create a psychologically healthy workplace.

The California State Psychological Association Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award program is designed to recognize organizations that make a commitment to programs and policies that foster employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance and productivity.


Dr. Brusman is Chairman of Selection Committee

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