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Accountancy Firm Star Performer on Track for President


A Partner in a mid-sized accountancy firm was being groomed as the successor to the current president. He was referred by the president of the firm for high performance leadership coaching. He had a number of strengths including the highest level of integrity and was well respected by his peers and customers.


The Partner was given several leadership assessment instruments. We then engaged in 6 months of two-hour coaching meetings every week. We focused on an evolving repertoire of competencies and behaviors including increasing his book of business, organizational capability, team building, problem-solving, and sustaining the vision.


The Partner further developed the qualities of good leadership required in this type of corporate culture. He improved his competency in the areas of creating an inspiring vision, influence, use of power and authority, and managing change. He became more comfortable with visibility and more emotionally expressive. He increased his book of business 50%. He is on track for advancement to succeed the president of the firm.


A high performing Partner in an accountancy firm engaged in Executive Coaching to further improve his leadership capability. He learned different styles of leadership and emotional intelligence competencies. He is now well prepared to assume the firm's presidency.

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