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Derailing Vice President of Marketing & Sales Succeeds


The VP of marketing and sales fro a financial institution was referred by the company President. There had been several incidents where people in the marketing department complained of being the targets of anger outbursts. The marketing team was under a great deal of pressure to meet their sales goals. The VP was overwhelmed with work, “stressed out”, and under enormous pressure. She was very upset by her own behavior and willing to take responsibility for making the necessary changes.


An initial meeting with the VP of Marketing and Sales established that she was open to establishing a coaching relationship. We initiated a six month coaching program that included instrumented assessments and a 360 feedback performance appraisal process. Dr. Brusman and the VP co-created a Developmental Plan that focused on anger management, influencing skills, delegation, emotional intelligence competency and stress resiliency.


The VP learned how to work more effectively with her sales and marketing team towards common goals. She learned a more effective situational leadership style by empowering her team. She learned how to manage her emotions and be more empathetic. Most importantly, she developed powerful stress management strategies and focused her considerable energy.


Leaders and managers are being held accountable to achieve sustainable results with fewer resources. Coaching can help leaders improve their performance by learning emotional competence

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