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High Performance Leadership

Leadership is about developing star performers who demonstrate flexible leadership styles, implement strategy and drive results. Resonant leaders demonstrate critical emotional intelligence competencies that drive much of work and performance. They are learning agile and possess the characteristics of good leadership and values that enable one person to influence others.

Faced with the challenges of an unpredictable business environment, companies realize the importance of developing change resilient, values-based, and strengths-focused leaders.

Companies from a wide cross-section of industries will benefit when their best and brightest attend this exciting presentation. Psychological testing for employment screening of leadership talent, multi-rater 360 feedback performance appraisals, and executive management coaching will be covered.

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How to Assess, Select, Coach, and Retain Emotionally Intelligent People

The ability to attract, select, motivate and retain emotionally competent people is critical for a company's success. If you want to build a flexible and fast company where people love to work you have to know how to hire and keep great talent. Unfortunately, a poor hire can cost a company a lot of money and cause undue distress for everyone involved.

High Performance Leadership

How to Assess, Select, Coach,  and Retain Emotionally  Intelligent People

Create Work with Purposand  Passion

Transforming Stress into  Optimal Performance

Balancing Your Work and Life

Change Resiliency in  Turbulent Times

Happiness is an Option for  Lawyers

Great companies and managers start with optimistic, change resilient and committed people who fit the workplace culture. Keeping great people involves creating a healthy work environment where people can use all their knowledge, creativity, and skills. Believe it or not hiring the right people can be enjoyable and fun.

You will learn an innovative method of interviewing, hiring and retaining people based on a candidate's emotional intelligence competence. Psychological testing for employment screening, 360 feedback performance appraisals, retention strategies, and executive management coaching will be covered.

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Create Work with Purpose and Passion

We are a work obsessed culture. Many of us live our entire lives to work. However, we might be sacrificing other important parts of our lives. Too many people spend a good portion of their waking hours doing work that is not personally meaningful or financially rewarding.

Are you doing the work that reflects your values and purpose in life? Would you like more balance in your life? Are you connected with your passion, personal strengths and talents, and contribution to something larger than yourself? Are you experiencing barriers to change?

It is also important to develop a mindset that reflects a positive attitude towards marketing your dream work. You will learn specific actionable strategies on how to put your power and passion to work.

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Transforming Stress into Optimal Performance

A certain amount of stress is energizing, making life more interesting by challenging us to think creatively and to find innovative solutions to problems. But when we have more stress in our lives than new can handle effectively, then we experience stress overload.

Some of the signs that a person is chronically “distressed” are constant feelings that everything is urgent and being overwhelmed. Racing through the outside world may well parallel what is happening internally, as the body and mind are unable to keep up the pace. If this rings true as a description of your usual activities, then you will benefit from learning how to become more stress resilient. You will learn powerful self-management concepts, tools, and skills.

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Balancing Your Work and Life

We are all trying to understand and cope with the enormous changes in our work and personal lives. Mostly we react in a positive and productive manner. However, many people are describing their lives as so busy, working so many hours, that they often feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Information overload and the speed in which we must respond to E-mails, faxes, voice mail messages etc. can leave us trying to catch our collective breath.

Balancing your work and personal life requires being clear on your purpose, vision, and values. It is really self-management. You will learn strategies to balance your work and life by setting priorities, and focusing on what is truly most important. The principles of Authentic Happiness will be covered.

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Change Resiliency in Turbulent Times

Change today happens rapidly. No longer are there short periods of change, followed by long plateaus of stability. Most of our lives today are a continual, unrelenting series of changes, with little time for self-renewal. Life is a series of transitions. Some changes are expected, others are not. Change is easier to deal with when you know what to expect. Having a sense of who you are, your values, strengths, limitations and goals gives you the confidence to get through difficult times.

Keeping you energized, optimistic and inspired in the face of change demands specific skills. You will learn how to respond quickly and flexibly to new demands. These skills are called change resiliency. Appreciative Inquiry focusing on what is working with your people and organization will be covered.

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Happiness is an Option for Lawyers

In the increasingly demanding world lawyers face; many lawyers desire to achieve professional success, a fulfilling life, and true happiness.

You have made a major investment in your legal career and developed some very valuable competencies. You've earned the right to both career success and a happy personal life. To be happy, requires knowledge about how to achieve happiness (wisdom and hard work) and taking small action steps. You will learn a number of transformational strategies that can help you achieve your goals.


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