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Psychological Testing for Employment Screening and Executive, Personal, and Career Coaching for Attorneys

"One of my favorite musical groups once wrote a song called ‘Happiness is an Option'. Maynard Brusman can show even the most jaded lawyers out there that ‘happiness is an option' for them in a way that they might never have noticed or seen before. Believe it or not, attorneys can be happy in both their personal and professional lives. It takes time and effort, but Dr. Brusman can show you how."

John Faricy, Law Firm Senior Partner
Faricy and Roen, PA

Working Resources specializes in psychological testing for employment screening and executive coaching, personal coaching, and career development for attorneys. We help law firms assess, select, coach and retain attorneys that are a great fit with the firm's culture. As trusted advisors to senior partners, we help attorneys develop the characteristics of good leadership. (Read our article:Self -Management for Lawyers...Are you Ready for a Coach?)

Some attorneys seek help in order to perform at the highest possible level at their firm. As executive management coaches, we help attorneys develop flexible leadership styles and the qualities of good leadership. A multi-rater 360-degree feedback appraisal process provides data that informs behavior change.

In the increasingly demanding world attorneys face; many lawyers desire to achieve professional success, a fulfilling life, and true happiness. We help attorneys develop emotional intelligence competencies and lead authentically happier lives.

Most attorneys live very hectic and stress-filled lives. They experience a great deal of pressure from the billable hour requirement and client/firm demands. Finding a balance between work and personal life without sacrificing professional success, deciding on the best practice area or work setting, and making career transitions can be challenging tasks, even for the most talented and effective lawyer. We can help you create more satisfying choices.

Read our Attorney Work Life Balance Case Study to learn more.

A number of attorneys choose to develop their own practice or seek alternative careers. We help attorneys market their practice or create a career that is more aligned with their values and evolving interests. As executive management coaches, we help attorneys achieve both their personal and professional goals.

You have made a major investment in your legal career and developed some very valuable competencies. You've earned the right to both career success and a happy personal life.

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Dr. Maynard Brusman works with busy lawyers who might benefit from his insights and knowledge gained from 17 years as a consulting psychologist and executive coach combined with his experience and familiarity with the legal profession. He provides coaching and consultation to attorneys and law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The areas typically addressed include:

Living a Balanced Life

Services for Attorneys

Letter of Reference

Effective Stress  Management Solutions

Resources for Attorneys



• Psychological testing for employment screening
• 360-degree feedback appraisals
• Characteristics of good leadership
• Effective leadership styles
• Anxiety management in depositions
• Associate development and retention
• Business strategy
• Career development
• Effective interpersonal communication,
• Emotional intelligence
• Leadership development
• Marketing skills and business development
• Selection and assessment
• Self-management
• Stress management
• Time management
• Conflict management
• Vision, values, and mission
• Work/life balance
• Authentic Happiness

Dr. Brusman leads workshops for Law Firms and Legal Associations on the topics of interviewing and selecting attorneys; stress management; work/life balance; and emotional intelligence. He gives talks and seminars on "Happiness is an Option for lawyers". He facilitates off-site mission, values, vision, and strategy retreats.

He received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Northern Arizona University, and is the President of Working Resources located in the San Francisco Financial District.

Dr. Brusman is a member of the International Coach Federation, Marin Coaches Alliance, San Francisco Coaches, Personal Coaches and Mentors Association, Bay Area Applied Psychologists, Institute of Management Consultants, and Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists. He is an instructor for the College of Executive Coaching. He wrote the article "Effective Stress Management Solutions for the Seriously Curious Attorney," which was published in San Francisco Attorney Magazine.

Read the Bar Association of San Francisco Magazine Article "Effective Stress Management Solutions"

Read the Marin County, California Bar Association Newsletter Article "Happiness is an Option for Lawyers"

Read the Marin County, California Bar Association Newsletter Article "Beware of Busyness for Attorneys and Law Firms: Harnessing Willpower for Purposeful Action"

Read the Marin County, California Bar Association Newsletter Article "Secrets of Successful Careers for Lawyers: Finding Your Core Purpose and Strength"

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Letter of Reference

"Dr. Maynard Brusman has been our business coach and trusted advisor for the past three years. We find Maynard to be extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. He is someone we have learned to trust and whose judgment we can rely on.

Maynard Brusman has the ability to show warmth, empathy and genuineness. He has a helpful attitude, and is available and responsive. He listens, is objective, and offers useful advice and personal service. He often plays multiple roles as a strategy thought partner, facilitator, and business advisor. In his role as an Executive Coach, he focuses on assessment, feedback, and the development of management and leadership skills.

Dr. Brusman has planned and led two highly successful Retreats for our Firm focusing on work/life balance and vision, mission, values, and strategic direction. He has helped us individually in his role as an Executive Coach, and as a consultant to our Firm in the following areas:

• Interpersonal communication
• Relationship development
• Work/life balance
• Time management
• Conflict management
• Job satisfaction
• Selection and assessment of attorneys
• Business development
• Strategic planning
• Leadership skills

We highly recommend Dr. Brusman as a coach and consultant for attorneys, law firms, and other individuals and professional service organizations."


Faricy & Roen Law Firm
Craig Roen, Senior Partner
John Faricy, Senior Partner

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Partial List of Client Law Firms:

Faricy & Roen , PA
Fenwick and West, LLP
McCutcheon, Doyle, Brown and Anderson, LLP
Hanson, Bridgett, Marcus, Vlahos, Rudy, LLP

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