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We provide systems to assess, select, coach and retain emotionally intelligent people.

Developing leadership competency models, we help companies improve their succession management processes and leadership development programs to ensure a ready now pipeline of high performing leaders to support global business strategy. Align your company's people with the current and future needs of the organization by placing employees in positions that maximize their value and contribution.

Dr. Brusman is a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists.I/O psychologists understand both the strengths and limitations of employment tests, and are uniquely qualified to help companies hire employees who outperform the competition.

As trusted advisors and executive management coaches, we provide solutions to help companies…

"Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves, their strengths, their values, and how they best perform."

-Peter Drucker

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Assess, select, develop and retain motivated people that are a great fit with the company's culture.
Align your leadership and culture with your strategy.
Incorporate psychological testing for employment screening and employee skill assessment.
Train hiring managers in interviewing and selecting emotionally intelligent people.
Develop managers and leaders using multi-rater 360 feedback performance appraisals and executive coaching.
Manage organizational change.
Create a corporate culture where there is meaningful work, open communication, and collaboration.

Solutions for Selection and Development

We offer a range of customized organizational consultation services:

Solutions for Selection and  Development

Selection Systems

Performance Systems

Change Management Systems

Personnel Selection and Assessment
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, eight out of ten terminations are due to interpersonal skill matches between employees and the job. The cost of hiring the wrong person is measured in money, time and retraining efforts. To help you select the "best fit" candidate, we providepsychological testing for employment screening and employee skill assessment.
Leadership Consulting
Improve employee training development. Determine characteristics of good leadership including wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. Transformational leadership arouses emotion, that taps into the emotional and spiritual resources of an organization. Provide executive management coaches for star performers. Identify leadership competencies and resilient leadership styles. Provide instrumented assessment-based feedback. Develop emotional intelligence capability. Resolve conflicts and make decisions. Mobilize the power to act. Revitalize personal commitment. Foster competency for continuous improvement in different types of corporate cultures. Redirect and renew key executive careers by Executive Coaching. Create development plan and actionable goals. Most of us are taught to solve problems and to approach work through logic and analysis. Yet the kinds of challenges many leaders face today are not always easily solved by such approaches. In an environment where ambiguity, complexity and a fast pace are the norm, fostering innovation and new ways of thinking is an essential leadership skill.
Executive Coaching
Executive management coaches
improve professional effectiveness of managers and leaders by focusing on personal strengths and areas for development.
Multi-Rater 360 Feedback Performance Appraisals
Improve employee performance by developing core-competencies. The 360-degree feedback process involves collecting perceptions about a person’s behavior from their boss, direct reports, colleagues, and customers.
Competency-Based Performance Appraisals
Provide specific behavioral examples to measure performance.
Emotional Intelligence-Based Interviewing and Selection
Identify core-competencies for pre-employment and promotion selection. Select optimistic and committed people whose values are aligned with your company vision.
Competency Modeling
Identify the key skills, knowledge, personal characteristics, and behaviors that make a master performer successful at a given job, and then develop a set of competencies for each position. Competency models are used as a human resource tool for selection, training and development, appraisal, and succession planning. They are a means of ensuring that employee behavior is aligned with the achievement of strategic goals.
Succession Planning
Establish, revitalize, or evaluate your succession planning and management program. Identify competencies and clarify values. Identify, select, and cultivate "Superkeepers" - the employees your organization cannot afford to lose.
Interpersonal Communication
Build a corporate culture based on high performing teams, collaborative management, and organizational stress management.

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Selection Systems:

Selecting the right person for the job is critical to the success of any organization. We help assess, select, develop and retain enthusiastic and committed people who are emotionally involved and aligned with the company’s strategic vision. We incorporate psychological testing for employment screening and employee skill assessment. We develop success factors or job-specific competencies by interviewing top performers in each position. We provide comprehensive pre-employment and pre-promotion assessment and competency-based evaluations, that helps optimize the match between the person and the job. We prepare customized written selection and development reports. We discuss the reports with those responsible for hiring, and make a recommendation as to the candidate’s suitability for the position under consideration.

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Performance Systems:

We help people through a powerful multi-rater 360 feedback performance appraisals. We prepare customized development reports. We provide follow-up self-insight executive coaching sessions that focus on self-awareness, personal strengths and areas for development, and effective strategies for change.

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Change Management Systems:

Our consulting services guide organizations through a major change or transition process – from initial planning through implementation. We help individuals, teams, and companies become more change resilient.

The linkage of consulting to achieving business results is direct and powerful because we:

• Tie consulting and training initiatives to business strategies.
• Coach leaders to inspire trust and commitment.
• Inspire change, involvement, and innovation.

Our services make a difference. They make it possible for:

Decreased resistance to change.
Managers to hire people based on personal-interpersonal and technical competencies that are a great fit with the company’s culture.
Employees to improve their performance by receiving 360 feedback performance appraisals.
Executives and managers to improve their professional effectiveness by developing the qualities of good leadership.
Leaders to demonstrate the characteristics of good leadership including a flexible leadership style.
Faster implementation of change/transition process.

Renewed employee commitment and enhanced productivity supported by employee retention studies.


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