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Stress is a very powerful force that involves awareness, attention and energy.It can be managed and empower you. If you let stress control you, the resulting distress can be harmful to your body, mind, and spirit.

Think about the past month .For each of the pressures listed below, indicate how much each has been a problem for you.

Score each item according to how much of the time each statement applies to you.

The Scale: 5(never), 4(rarely), 3(sometimes), 2 (often), 1(always)

  always never
I eat well-balanced, nutritious meals each day.

I enjoy my work.

I organize and manage my time effectively.
I like myself.
I exercise on a regular basis.
I am the appropriate weight for my height and body-type.
I have two or less alcoholic drinks per day.
I abstain from smoking cigarettes.
I drink fewer than three cups of coffee (or tea or cola drinks) a day.
I get sufficient sleep and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and relaxed.
I am flexible and am able to maintain a healthy balance between work and family.
I have an adequate income.
I have a support system of friends, family, and/or other love interests.
I feel in control, take on new challenges and seek solutions to problems.

I am able to speak openly about my feelings when angry or worried.
I am able to say " No " without feeling guilty.

I am free of physical symptoms such as headaches, back pain, or teeth grinding.

I am free of emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, or fear.
I feel that my life has meaning and purpose.
I am compassionate, able to relax, and see the humorous side of life.


You are doing a great job managing your stress. Congratulations! Coaching may help you achieve even higher levels of performance.


You are managing stress to a considerable extent. There is still room for improvement. You will benefit from taking a Transforming Stress into Optimal Performance workshop. Consider coaching to help you further develop your skills and learn new strategies.


Things may be spinning out of control. You need to change certain behaviors and learn new skills. Don't walk…RUN to a Transforming Stress into Optimal Performance workshop. Strongly consider coaching.

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Hopefully, you feel this quiz provided you with insight on how you are (or are not) managing your stress.