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We have a growing list of products for personal and professional development.


“Happiness is an Option for Lawyers” book
Tips Booklets


HAPPINESS is an OPTION for LEADERS… Success Strategies for Life and Work from an Executive Coach

This is a highly practical book of creative strategies for personal and professional transformation. The book includes self-assessment quizzes and easy reminder top ten tips.

Sample Chapters

1. Optimism…Why It Matters So Much
2. Managing Dynamic Change
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. Finding True Meaning at Work
5. Creating a Climate for Innovation
6. A Leadership Map
7. The Art of Positive Emotions
8. Feedback is not for Sissies
9. The future of Work
10. Flipping the Coin for Talent
11. Executive Coaching
12. Executive Coaching for Attorneys
13. Retaining Talented Employees
14. Making Strategy Everyone’s Job
15. Preventing Burnout
16. The Business Case for Coaching

Cost $29.95 plus tax, shipping and handling.

HAPPINESS is an OPTION for Lawyers… Strategies for Balancing Life and Work




Wellness CD ROM


The Wellness Workshop is an interactive program that can help you learn essential stress-management skills.

The Wellness Workshop presents five topic areas crucial to effective self-management.

Have Fun:

Presents strategies for tracking moods and increasing participation in rewarding activities.

Relax and Focus:

Presents practical ways to minimize physical and emotional tension throughout a busy day, and to create a sense of calm, mental clarity and focus.

Coach Yourself:

Presents strategies for practicing positive, self-fulfilling thinking patterns and imagery in personalized practical situations.

Stay Active:

Promotes practical, non-threatening ways to increase positive physical activities in one’s daily routine.

Engage Others:

Teaches strategies for improving communication skills by listening more actively and empathetically, and by asserting oneself more directly.

Purchasing Options

The Wellness Workshop is available on CD-ROM and via the internet.

CD-ROM Price List

Single copy:
2-50 copies
51-150 copies
151-250 copies
Over 500
$39.95 plus s/h
5% discount
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The Stress Profiler(tm)...


The Stress Profiler is a great
ice-breaker for your seminars.

The StressProfiler is a simple stress test consisting of 100 questions that can be answered in about 20 minutes. It is divided into ten sections.
Each section gives the patient or employee a snapshot of his or her levels of stress in that particular area. Topics include anger, stress symptoms, time pressure and financial security.

The test is self-scoring and provides the participant with advice about what to do in each particular area and a graphical representation of their stress profile.


• Self scoring
• Inexpensive
• Great for seminars
• Makes a great give-away
• Promotes wellness
• Can be customized with your own logo
• Fun to use!

How to Overcome Insomnia Video and DVD

Are you feeling overwhelmed, “stressed-out”, and sleep deprived? This program will help you learn to relax and gain better control of your life. You will learn ten practical self-management strategies to get the rest you need.

Cost $29.95 plus tax, shipping and handling.

Let Go of Stress and Relax T-Shirts

Cost $19.95 plus tax, shipping and handling.


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