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Dr. Maynard Brusman Consulting Psychologist and Executive Coach
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How We Work

What's it like to work with Dr. Maynard Brusman and Working Resources? On this page we'll tell you the kind of results our clients have reported. We'll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs and values and approach to client projects. Most importantly, we will explain how we're different than most executive coaching and leadership consulting companies.

Expected Results

When you work with us your hiring success rate and retention of key employees will increase by as much as 80%. Executives will be selected based on a competency model that predicts success. You will increase your ability to select, assess, develop, and retain top people critical to your company’s success. Your workforce will be engaged and aligned with the organizational strategy. You will dramatically improve your ability to select the best people for the right positions.

A high performing leadership team will be developed. The leadership team will have everyone pulling in the same direction. Sources of conflict will be resolved. Members of the team will trust one another. Team members will see things in new ways and envision new possibilities for themselves and the organization. Conflict will be resolved and collaboration improved. Avenues for effective communication will be opened and trust developed. Social intelligence is increased. Profitability will be increased directly related to team members being motivated to make a significant contribution.

The organization will have developed a highly successful emotional intelligence-based leadership development program and have created emotionally intelligent leaders. You will have developed the requisite emotional intelligence competencies to truly become an inspirational leader. Understanding your preferences, attitudes, and behaviors in key dimensions of leadership, you will have learned the qualities of good leadership and have created a more flexible leadership style. You will be leveraging your strengths and mitigating any weaknesses.

Adopting a more effective situational leadership style, you will be a more effective team leader. You will have learned how to work more effectively with your team and achieved desired results. Leaders are being held accountable to achieve sustainable results with fewer resources. Coaching will have helped you improve your performance by developing emotional competency.

Your company will have developed a competency-based succession plan. As a high potential succession candidate, you will have developed the qualities of good leadership required in your organizational culture. You will have learned different styles of leadership and developed emotional intelligence competencies. You will have improved your competency in the areas of creating an inspiring vision, influence, use of power and authority and managing change. You will have an evolving repertoire of competencies and behaviors including increasing your book of business, organizational capability, team building, problem-solving and sustaining the vision. You will rapidly move through the leadership pipeline realizing your career goals.

As the CEO and founder of a major Bay Area Company you are retiring in the near future and are searching for a successor. In collaboration with the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team, we created a competency model for the CEO position. I provided executive/leadership coaching for two of the company VP’s who were selected as CEO candidates. As a result of the executive /leadership coaching, the BOD and CEO selected one of the VP’s, who most clearly demonstrated the requisite CEO competencies as the new president to lead the company into the future.

The partners at your law firm will have gained clarity on the firm’s unique identity and positioning in the marketplace. The partner’s energy will be mobilized to develop new business aligned with the purpose and values of the firm. A marketing strategy will be devised and implemented maximizing the different strengths of the partners. New attorneys will be hired who have the requisite legal skills, emotional intelligence, and who fit the firm culture. Your law firm will have facilitated a highly successful retreat creating a vision, mission, and values statement that will provide a focus for the business strategy.

In addition to your work as a lawyer or accountant, you will make health and personal life a priority. You will find a balance between professional success and a satisfying personal life full of significance. You will have learned how to become more stress resilient. As you became more stress hardy, you will be able to more fully engage in your work for your law firm or create a new career path. You will be much happier with your career and personal life.

You will have discovered a deep sense of purpose...what is truly important to you. Guided by your values, you will have a clearer sense of direction in your career and the answer to “what should I do with my life”. You will engage in work that is meaningful and significant.

Guiding Beliefs or Values

At Working Resources, our vision is to partner with you and your intention to create meaning, involvement, and contribution in workplaces where people love to work. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that an organization’s most powerful and dynamic resource is its people. If you want to build a flexible and fast company where people are fully engaged and love to work, you have to know how to assess, select, coach and retain top talent.

Leadership is fundamentally about judgment, wisdom and the ability to make the right decisions. We coach clients to become emotionally intelligent and happy leaders.

Great companies and leaders start with optimistic, change resilient and committed people whose values fit the workplace culture. If you want to keep top talent you need to create a healthy work environment where people can contribute all of their knowledge, creativity, and skills.

Our mission is to help our clients assess, select, coach and retain emotionally intelligent leaders. What matters most to us is to develop workplaces where there is a great match between your employees’ interpersonal and technical competencies and the desired corporate culture. Everything we do is intended to support people and organizations in their search to create meaning, involvement, and contribution at work. We believe that Resiliency, Service, Innovation and Speed are the cornerstones for competitive organizations.

We value integrity, collaboration, authenticity, respect for work/life balance and optimizing everyone’s full potential. You can develop your leadership capability building trust and energizing individuals and teams to realize a shared vision.

Our Approach

We're above all, creative and flexible – Different clients need different things. One size does not fit all so we customize everything to your unique needs. Although we have a variety of service modules (see services page) that address a wide variety of issues, we approach each project with the same attitude: We design the project to produce sustainable results for your company with the least amount of struggle. Quick Response is Guaranteed – Nothing is more frustrating working with a consultant or coach who will not answer their phone calls or return their emails. We don't just try to be responsive, we guarantee your calls or emails will be returned promptly.

We will challenge you to unleash your full potential while having fun learning and growing.

Our Uniqueness

When you're looking for an executive/leadership coach these days there are a lot to choose from. What makes me different than any other executive coach? I think the difference lies in the fact of my twenty plus years experience as a successful entrepreneur and business person married with my deep psychological understanding of human behavior. I don't work with theory but with practical hands-on assessment-based approaches that are proven to work. I am a seasoned executive coach with vast experience in leadership development who is very creative and can help you generate new ideas and innovative solutions to your problems. I am the trusted advisor of a number of senior executives.

What makes our consulting stand out is our expertise in working with law and accounting firms. We're management consultants who work at improving productivity and profitability, but it's our knowledge of your industry that enables us to quickly build credibility and rapport with all levels in your organization. We partner with organizations and leaders to discover your identity and focus on transformational leadership. I have over twenty years of consulting experience working with professional service firms.

Call to Action

You now have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and how we work with clients. Next click on our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.


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