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We are all trying to understand and cope with the enormous changes in our work and personal lives.Mostly we react in a positive and productive manner. However, many attorneys are describing their lives as so busy, working so many hours, that they often feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

Balancing your work and personal life requires being clear on your purpose, mission, and values. It is really self-management.The way you keep balance in your work and life is to set priorities and focus on what is truly most important.

Think about the past month.For each of the work/life pressures listed below, indicate how much each has been a source of distress for you.

Score each item according to how much of the time each statement applies to you.

The Scale: 5(always), 4(often), 3(sometimes), 2 (rarely), 1(never)

  always never
I feel overwhelmed by too many tasks and responsibilities-juggling priorities.

I am very busy and impatient.

I get angry on a frequent basis.

I have to cope with too many organizational or job task changes.

I am drowning in an overload of information from mail, faxes, E-mail, the Internet.
I feel pressured by too many demands from clients/customers /boss.
I dislike turning over responsibility to others.
I find it difficult to stay agile, flexible, and resilient and focus on what is important.
Worry robs me of time and energy.
I have difficulty making decisions affecting my work and the work of associates.
I feel overwhelmed by the amount of billable hours required.
My “B” and “C” priorities take so much time that I rarely get to the “A's”.
I put things off until it's too late, or no longer matters.
I look at projects as a whole, rather than breaking them up into smaller units.
I am sleep deprived and do not feel rested in the morning.
I feel that my work does not reflect my vision, mission, and values.
My behavior is incongruent with what I truly believe.
Planning my day-every day is difficult for me.
I am unable to establish a clear direction and develop personal and career goals.
I find it difficult to create a health work and life balance.


You are doing a great job managing your work and life. Congratulations! Executive coaching may help you achieve even higher levels of performance.


You are managing your work and life to some degree. There is still room for improvement. You might benefit from taking a Work/Life Balance workshop. Consider executive coaching to help you further develop your self-management skills.


Things may be spinning out of control. You need to change certain behaviors and learn new skills. Don't walk…RUN to a Work/Life Balance workshop. Strongly consider executive coaching.

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Hopefully, you feel this quiz provided you with insight on how you are (or are not) happy with your work and life.