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RETENTION QUIZ...for leaders
How to Keep Workers:

In most organizations, the CEO sets the tone for how people are treated. Are people valued for what they do on a frequent, individual basis or are they unappreciated?

Managers need to be held accountable for building a retention culture in their teams and in their departments. Research from the Saratoga Institute shows that 50 percent of work-life satisfaction is determined by the relationship a worker has with his or her boss. Self-managed, agile organizations create work environments where people can continuously learn and make decisions.

Employers don't have enough competent people to get the work done. Retaining the right people is a strategic imperative. Managers and employing organizations need to understand what good people want and meet those expectations. Our country's diverse workers want to control their own destiny, and make significant contributions to society through their work.

Research demonstrates that most people shift their loyalties to a new employer because of non-monetary reasons. Good people leave their jobs for the following typical reasons:

1 The company mission, vision, and values seem incongruent with their experience,
2 Leaders don't communicate how the employee is valued,
3 There are inadequate resources and information,
4 No opportunity for advancement, and
5 Employees are concerned about compensation issues.

This quiz can be used for a self-appraisal, or to obtain feedback about how other people view your behavior.

The profile that you and others create in completing this quiz can give you insight into what helps and hinders your employee retention efforts.

The Scale: 5(always), 4(often), 3(sometimes), 2 (rarely), 1(never)

  always never
I believe that keeping good people is a critical leadership competency.

I hire people where there is a good cultural fit.

I listen and seek to understand others.
I provide fair pay and benefits.
I provide flexible hours and dress.
I support career growth, learning and development.
I provide people autonomy, a sense of control over one's work.
I develop people by focusing on their strengths.
I engender trust by acting with integrity.
I enlist others in a common vision, and am an agent of change.
I provide meaningful work, and the ability to make a contribution.
I create a collaborative and team-based culture.
I show employees they are appreciated on a regular basis.
I create an environment for learning including training.

I give feedback on an ongoing basis.
I communicate optimism about the future.

I demonstrate flexibility regarding work-life balance.

I provide exciting and challenging work.
I face moral and ethical dilemmas, and create a culture of values.
I replace uncertainty and fear with purpose and courage in turbulent times.



You are doing a great job as a leader retaining employees. Congratulations! Executive coaching may help you achieve even higher levels of performance.


You have a number of leadership retention competencies. However, there is still room for improvement. You will benefit from taking a How to Assess, Select and Coach and Retain Emotionally Intelligent People workshop. Consider executive coaching to help you further develop your retention skills and learn new strategies.


You demonstrate some capability of retaining people, but there is significant room for improvement. You need to change certain behaviors and learn new skills. Don't walk…RUN to a How to Assess, Select and Coach and Retain Emotionally Intelligent People workshop. Strongly consider executive coaching.

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Hopefully, you feel this quiz provided you with insight on how you are (or are not) keeping your valued employees.