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It is important to discover work that you love and that fits your values, purpose and vision.

This quiz has been designed to give you an overview of your general satisfaction and direction with your career, and to pinpoint those areas you might need coaching to develop.

Score each item according to how much of the time each statement applies to you.

The Scale: 1(always), 2(often), 3(sometimes), 4 (rarely), 5(never)

  always never
I feel overwhelmed by too many tasks and responsibilities.

My career does not fully utilize my talents and skills.

I am not doing the work that I am meant to be doing.
I have to cope with too many organizational or job task changes.
I have no clear career goals.
I feel pressured by too many demands from clients / customers / boss.
I find it difficult to successfully navigate around office politics.
I find it difficult to stay agile, flexible, and resilient.
I feel overworked and overwhelmed.
I have difficulty making decisions affecting my work.
I am uncertain about my future career direction.
I find that there are a number of obstacles in the way of my achieving my dreams.
I don't make enough money.
I am frequently stressed out.
The employees at work have difficulty working as part of a team.
I feel that my work does not reflect my vision, mission, and values.
I experience poverty thinking versus prosperity thinking.
I'd like to take this job and shove it.
I am unable to establish clear career goals.
I find it difficult to create a healthy work and life balance


You are doing a great job managing your work and life. Congratulations! Career coaching may help you achieve even higher levels of performance.


You are managing your work and life to some degree. There is still room for improvement. Consider career coaching to help you develop career satisfaction.


You may be feeling unhappy and stuck. There may be other choices or perhaps starting your own business. Strongly consider career coaching

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Hopefully, you feel this quiz provided you with insight on how you are (or are not) doing work you love.