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1. Develop a regular sleep time -- even on weekends. Get up about the same time seven days a week. Going to     bed at the same time is less critical.

2. Set up pre - sleep rituals. Assume a specific sleep posture. Indulge in a pleasant fantasy.

3. Keep a daily sleep log. Documenting sleep habits often shows areas for improvement.

4. Sleep on a comfortable bed. Condition yourself into using your bed for sleep (sex is OK, too).

5. Set aside worry or planning time earlier in the day so you don't take your worries to bed.

6. Whether to nap is controversial. A 20 minute break during the day may renew your energy.

7. Exercise regularly -- preferably not two or three hours before bedtime.

8. Cut down on stimulants such as coffee, tea, colas and chocolate. Drink only in moderation

9. Don't go to bed stuffed or starved.

10. Practice stress management and relaxation techniques regularly.

“America’s hidden nightmare. “
-- William Dement

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